The Limits of the Dead

Obnoxious selfie no jutsu

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I have a Gengar plush I don’t care about anything

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Latches onto leg.


"Yes, hello again, dear. Enjoying your summer?" He’s adapted quite well to the mauling by local village children if he does say so himself.

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How to bond with RP friends:
1. Emotionally wreck them with your writing.
2. Wait nervously for them to one-up your writing and wreck you in return.
3. Repeat.

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Crazy AU wish

> Zetsu turns out to have some mad crazy dark-matter-celestial dragon form. Illustration to follow.

> Sasuke and Nardo have to slay the Will of the Mother because that shit sounds awesome.

> Kaguya is busy being pissed off at a presence that has escaped the crazy moon magic.

> Turns out there’s a giant 8 headed hydra roaming around wondering etc

> Turns out Orochumaru’s mother was the actual legendary princess-eating Orochi no Yamata whom did not get along with Kaguya. Bitch Queen did everything to get rid of Bitch Snake to including creating the original Susanoo & ultimately killing her.

> Zetsu is now in the doghouse for not making sure Orochimaru was dead while keeping an eye on him in Akatsuki.

> Inb4 Orochimaru climbs a few rungs on the OP Mary-Sue ladder & gets sexy form b/c fuck Uchiha. Illustration to follow.

> Wonder twins kill zetsu. Entire fucking moon cracks.

> Kaguya rage battles everyone.

> Ends up slaying Orochi hydra & yanking kusanagi from flesh to wield against sassy and whiskers.

> Good guys eventually win when hokages come back and bust shit up.because friendship is magic

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OutofScales nonsense// Never had a front lace wig, this one is nice. Testing Hidan! For America! Wat

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Was trying to brainstorm cool poses, got distracted drawing reactions

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"I’ll give you fifty bucks for the rest of that bottle."

Orochimaru glanced from where he sat over at Tsunade, looking rather worse for wear.

"I don’t need your betting money, Tsu-hime." He said quietly. He set the sake bottle down and inched it her direction. After considering her for a moment he returned his gaze downward, his arms resting at his knees.

"You ought to save that up."

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"You need to stop running." TWO BECAUSE ANGST Ok

"I can only stop running if I stop being chased." Orochimaru stated matter-of-factly. He leisurely took a seat, having not the will for a fight. Jiraiya would understand: They had done enough fighting.

"It’s a shame that pitch forks and torches are easier to pick up than any understanding. With hunts more efficient than trials…but that’s the way it’s always been, Jiraiya. I knew that from the beginning."

Orochimaru motion for his old comrade to join him for tea if he was so inclined with a casual wave of his hand.

"You seem the be the only one that is having trouble with it.”

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