The Limits of the Dead



image Hella mad that Kabuto and Itachi are taller than me


"Small hebi." 

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 Hella mad that Kabuto and Itachi are taller than me

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love me some eyelash pit vipers

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"I don’t know what you are. I don’t know where you came from. But I need you in my life." He said elated at this mysterious, albeit bitey, creature.

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"What do you want..?" The redhaired woman asked from the safety of her tree, eyeing the elder man wearily from above.

Orchimaru’s eyes flashed with a spark of amusement with a matching smirk.

"What do I want? Most things, really. But that is neither here nor there." He waved a hand.

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By the way snakes are one of my favorite animals but everyone I know is scared of them



He gives a curt bow. “Charmed.” 

"Snakes are very successful, beautiful animals but humans are ignorant at large."

Well one time a particularly dangerous one was being friendly to me and decided to lay down on my lap while i was sotting on a rock while on a class field trip but he only attacked my teacher when they tried to take him off me, was it one of yours?

"Just because I look like a snake doesn’t mean that all of them are mine, dear." He sighs. His patience was slowly eroding. 

"They will sit with you because you’re warm, we can’t generate our own body heat."

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      Far too polite, far too sweet, and far too timid. Now was clearly not the time to make a display of her manners. Her throat seemed to tighten as she swallowed, and there was the slightest bit of pressure in her jaws as her teeth began to clench. What was she to do, faced with this man?

      Heartbeats were rapid and, perhaps, the chill of fear raced down her spine. She tried not to flinch at the sound of his voice. Eerie and chilling, a sound that made her skin scrawl. Hinata’s mind fully registered the knowledge that it was Orochimaru who was standing before her, and now it seemed as if her feet were trapped in cement.

      Backing up just slightly, just enough so that it appeared to be a simple shift of her legs, the Hyūga gulped again, and smiled a weak smile — what else was she to do but smile? Where had her courage gone? Fingers curled and flexed, and finally, she managed to ask, “Wh-What is your b-business in Konoha?”

      Her voice was too soft — it lacked a threatening air. But, still, it didn’t hurt her to say it.

He saw the girl shift. Her pale eyes were trying very hard to focus to contain authority it seemed to him. It wasn’t happening. Even as she spoke she was less than intimidating, asking rather than demanding.

Orochimaru found this refreshing. He smiled.

"Just checking in on things." he said cryptically. Really he had been in the area and wanted tea with some unnatural insistence. The tea import shop on main street had been there since he was a boy. Still, he couldn’t quite bring himself to call this his hometown, not out loud. 

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“It was cruel.” She agreed. “Cruel to give glimpses of those we lost. Cruel to show what could have been, not what was. It makes it hard to sleep now. Will I dream of that world and have to wake up to this reality again?”

Tsunade shook her head in an attempt to banish the sadness clinging to her. She hadn’t meant to bring melancholy, just connect with her teammate. “Bah, it wasn’t even a real fantasy. There wasn’t a casino anywhere.”

Orochi nodded ruefully. He understood very well what she meant. He was resigned to endure the constant nightmares and empty hopes in light of his immortality. Perhaps he’ll feel differently in a decade or five but he will cross that bridge when he comes to it.

He chuckled at her remark. “You’re right. Not even slots? Some fantasy.” He reached out and pet the back of her hair without thinking, something he often did to assuage his favorite subordinates.

"It’s getting late…Haven’t you anyplace to be?" He inquired with a tilt of the head. He did enjoy the company, the suspension of hostility, someone talking o him like he were human…but he did not want to keep her or on some level wear out her tolerance of him. Not to mention the village would probably not appreciate it.

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Steel Drawers

A small complex of buildings sat nestled behind a tiny town. It is unclear if the town really only existed to catch the shadows of the large city nearby or sprung up around this complex. Either way, despite looking unassuming, the buildings had an imposing feeling to them.

This was Otogakure Bio-Research. From the outside people weren’t quite sure what exactly that entailed. Sciencey stuff? Oto performed a variety of medical and scientific services and research. That description did it a fair amount of justice.

Orochimaru Yamata had established the company over a decade ago. Today he strode through the halls with a confident gait. The papering on the walls was a repeating pattern of lulling circles to perhaps offset the fluorescent lights flickering in some places. It wasn’t the prettiest but it was his.

His morgue? Now that was pretty. Tubes of light reluctantly clicked to life as he swung open the door. The morgue was the most well-kept area of the basement floor if not the whole complex. Orochimaru gave it much of his personal attention. 

Speaking of personal attention…

A stack of paper sat on a well-worn clipboard on the counter waiting for his review, no doubt left by his assistant Kabuto Yakushi. They were job applications, internships and the like. Kabuto had his hands full with much of the complex and so had opted to hire a technician trainee for the morgue. The preliminary interviews had been done almost before Orochi begrudgingly agreed to it.

Sitting on the edge of the porcelain counter he resigned himself to the appointment. First up? Some boy named Naruto Uzumaki.

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HOLY JASHIN! Oh god plz stop that! lol I…overdid it » but I won’t stop! Orochimaru should be everywhere! XD
Btw I couldn’t decide which version I like the most in that last pic ORZ

[too lazy to do a full pic but I will trash you with doodles/sketches]

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