The Limits of the Dead
"A rare form of disease maybe." She replied with a snort of derision.

His eyes and lips narrowed briefly. He then nodded

"Touche, Princess. Touche."

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"I-I gots a question." It's about the new word Kiba said but wouldn't explain. Surely Orochimaru would tell her what it meant. "Wh-what does 'shit' mean?"

He arched a brow. 

"It’s another word for filth, dear. It’s usually an insult, nothing very lady-like to say." He pat her head again.

"Its easier to punch people."

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"You're in rare form today, aren't you Oro."

"Am I in rare form or am I a rare form?” Cheeky form. Hopefully she doesn’t punch him.

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You always have that one follower who attacks your notifications in the middle of the night and goes through your blog, reblogging everything in sight.

And you’re just like:

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"I think I’m past the point of wasting my charm on you, Sasuke-kun. You don’t seem to appreciate it either way." He feigns a hurt pout.

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"Watch it teme, you got disappointment in my eye."

"Hey, if I have to live with all this disappointment it’s only fair some of it rubs off on you." Orochimaru slaps Jiraiy’s cheek and nods. "Disappointment."

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She grinned up at him and then held her finger up to her lips and giggled, "Shhhh. I'll k-keep your secret." She was good at keeping secrets if she did say so herself and she had come prepared with flowers to put into his hair. Sakura blossoms, her personal favorite because they had the same name as here. Carefully she began to put a few of the blooming flowers into Orochimaru's hair, making it all pretty.

"A good thing for a proper kunoichi to do." Orochi pats her pastel pink hair. His gold eyes flit from blossom to blossom with a bemused little smile.

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*makes disgruntled puff adder noises*

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"B-But I like sitting in your lap. You're a-all comfy an' nice an' stuff," she informed him, giving another slight tug on his hair. She thought he was approachable, whatever that meant. Maybe other people just didn't like him as much. "C-Can I put flowers in your hair?"

"Well that’s a bit of a secret, but if you keep it quiet I’ll let you put flowers in my hair than, hm?" He bowed his head at the tug on his hair.

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Crawls into lap and gives a slight tug on Orochimaru's hair to get his attention.

The serpent’s head tilted to the side. Why this little girl continued to gravitate toward him was far beyond his reasoning. He guessed children were one of those mysteries without logic. Like Stonehenge. 

"Well hello, darling. If you keep this up people will start to mistake me as approachable."

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