The Limits of the Dead

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True Story

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chapter 692

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//Tumblr I inexplicably value your fanart opinions.

This is gonna be a caught literally red handed kind of thing so he was going to be in jonin garb. But he looks nice all half naked and whatnot.

Clothes? No clothes? That sleeveless skin tight black thing they wear under the ANBU armor?

Any other suggestions would be welcome since I love you. Things that look simple enough in thumbnail sketches are VERY DECEIVING *sob*

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Orochimaru where the fuck are you when all the good shit happens? You're either dead, kind of dead, somewhat dead back from the dead bitches or far off in some way back manga panel. Get on my level bro.

You want me to.kamikaze my pale ass right into the firing line of your crazy magical eyeballs? No thank you, I am too important.

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When you don’t want anyone to notice you but you still want to know what’s going on.

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Not sure if this was done yet.

I really fucking needed it.

You win an internet.

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Chapter 692 Ramblings

Hopefully this goes better than the French Revolution because it’s certainly just as long.


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Auryn on Flickr.

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I DON’T FUCKING KNOW, JIRAIYA, MY KID’S A MORON ffs can we trade or something?

I already told you, there’s no fun in training a prodigy.  Besides these kids have surpassed us.  We might as well retire and spend the rest of our days in a home reliving our glory days and playing poker for medicine

Aye our era of action has passed. But I still have things to do, old Toad! You’ll have to win all of Tsunade’s gambling applesauce yourself because if I stop it will just be for a drink.~

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