The Limits of the Dead

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In which my “Orochimaru must touch everyone’s face” quirk canon is realized

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I wouldn’t be here on the 7th or even later so here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

Stay classy!

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Chapter 672 Ramblings


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Water Moccasin

The reason why its called “Cottonmouth”

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Chapter 671 Ramblings

Super jelly of Naruto getting all this information beamed directly into his consciousness.

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"Hello docile deviants and harrowing heroes."

"I’m going on a bit of hiatus this week so I’m afraid you’ll be free from my forked tongue in your business for the most part.~"

"We’re still working on replies and the like but mun’s birthday is next Monday. She’s taking a roadtrip to Waverly Hills Sanitorium this weekend for ‘artistic reference’. Everyone else her age is off to the beach and she’s driving to Kentucky…poor thing marches a bit to her own rhythm."

"But we’ll see you later, I’m sure. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do~"

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Reblog if you’re gonna be the next hokage

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OutofScales: So one time I wanted to see if I could write a story where the main character was a creepy, unsettling atmosphere. There’s 3 oc’s in this that I was cruel enough to not even name, gave somebody from Suna a cockney accent for some reason and there are no live ninjas in it. boom

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